Integration and employment

Integration is defined as settling into a new country and culture. Integration is an individual process and takes time. SMY does concrete, grassroots work to promote the integration of immigrants.

Learning the Finnish language is an important part of integration. Language is the key to understanding culture and building social relationships. SMY offers Finnish language courses and discussion groups. Read more about learning languages!

Settling into a new culture requires the adoption of new practices. The creation of social networks and peer-support help in getting to know a new culture. Integration can’t be done solely through government actions.  Associations and individuals also play a significant role as providers of social support. SMY organizes a wide range of leisure activities to promote integration, as well as provides opportunities for building social networks.

Employment and education are essential elements of integration. The aim of the Towards work life project is to promote the employment of immigrants by trying to find and offer:

  • work, work trial, and rehabilitative work experience
  • training and education
  • Practical and tangible guidance in acquiring a job

The project workers can assist immigrants in drafting job applications and exploring the Finnish working culture.

Read more about the Towards work life project! 

Basics of Working Life for Immigrants is a guide to employment in the Pori region. The guide is written in easy Finnish. The guide has nine sections: learning Finnish, studying, job application, CV, how to find a job, job interview, Finnish culture in working life, laws and agreements regarding working life and entrepreneurship.