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The activities of Multicultural Association is open for everyone. The International Meeting point at the center of Pori has various events, activities and courses for children as well as for adults. Welcome!

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Everybody can become a member! We offer to our members diverse set of services, activities and events. By becoming a member, you’ll support our activities. Membership fee is in 2024 15 € / calendar year and in 2025 18€ / calendar year.

Under 15 year old membership fee is 2 € if there is already one main member in the family. If  only the child joins the fee is in 2024 15€ and in 2025 18€

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You can participate the association activities as a volunteer. Volunteers are needed constantly for various task, for example as instructors and to Elävä kieliketju.

You can also join as a association support member with the amount of your choosing (associations 100 € / year).

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Reference number: 9690

The Multicultural Association of Satakunta has a electric membership register where is recorded only the informations you submit with the membership application form and the information is only used for handling the membership. The information will not be handed over to third parties without permission. By submitting the membership application you accept these terms.



Register data descriptions:

Rekisteriseloste/Koulutus- ja kerhotoiminta
Rekisteriseloste/SMY Uutiskirje