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To participate in the continuous club activities, a parent or guardian of the children must be a member of the association. Annual fee: 15€/ year

The clubs support the development of language skills and creativity. They also offer a sense of community and participation.

The clubs are offered in Finnish, English and Russian



15 euros / year


Adults 18 euros / semester *
Kids 15 euros / semester
Conversation clubs – free for members

*by paying 18 euros you can participate in all Finnish courses during the semester. 

Payment to the account: Satakunnan Monikulttuuriyhdistys ry IBAN: FI10 5700 0240 1249 43

Please write in the text box, whose membership fee or which course you are paying for!

In order to participate in the regular courses and club activities you need to join our Association as a member. The membership fee is 15 euros / year.

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