Class descriptions


Reading and writing education is suitable for immigrants who doesn’t know how to read or write in their own language or doesn’t know the Finnish alphapet

Basic Finnish 0-level
Suitable for a beginner, studying the alphabet, numbers, basic phrases and basic grammar. Studying the everyday vocabulary and communication exercises.

Listening course A1-level
Focuses on development of understanding spoken language by doing various exercises.

Spoken Finnish A1-level
Studying how spoken language differs from written language and practice a lot of speaking and understanding the spoken language.

Public service Finnish A1/A2-level
Practising Finnish language in different everyday customer service situations e.g. store, doctor and pharmacy.

Working life Finnish A1/A2-level
Studying working life vocabulary and communication methods, topics on job seeking and work culture.

Grammar course B1-level
Studying mid level grammar structures.

From words to sentences A1-level
At the course we go through easy subjects, study new words and grammar. We also practise how to form sentences.

YKI-coaching B1-level
The course is meant for immigrants who want to prepare for general language studies in mid-level Finnish language test.


Russian, basic
Coming soon.

Russian, advanced
Coming soon



Musical play school “Magic Tunes”
In this club we learn children’s songs,nursery rhymes, play ring games, play with various instruments and dance together. Children’s vocabulary improves, because even the most simplest children’s songs have a lot of words that are rarely used in spoken language.

Piano lessons in group “Magic Piano”
Children are introduced to music in a funny way. Piano skills improves logic, concentration and accuracy. Lessons are designed considering the age and personal traits of the children. After the music we will discuss the topic with the children. Performing experience they get from shared evening while performing.

Art club for school-age children
Creative and cultural art program for children ages from 7 to 13 (5 to 6 years old require negotiating with the club counselor). Program improves critical and creative mind set. We use coloring pens, oil pastels, chalk, acrylic paints, clay and many other materials. Materials are included in the course fee.

Art club for adults and teens
Creative and cultural art program for adults. Program focuses on improving critical and creative thinking and problem solving. You can improve your existing skill or start to improve or get introduced to a new one. Materials are included in the course fee.

SOME-workshop (13 yrs +)
Social media campaign and topics that touch the youth and designing the campaign itself.

Guitar workshop
Learning basic guitar playing and simple tunes.

Sewing club
Various textile based crafts using different materials.

Diverse dance based and acrobatic sports. Implemented by Porin Veto ry at Uusikoivisto school.



Multicultural family club
Guided art oriented activities for parents and children. The club includes also getting to know colors and mixing them and getting to know new techniques and art forms. Fun and pleasant activities with an open mind, and always taking the age and skills of the children in to consideration. Family club is also great channel for parents peer support.

Coffee and Company
Casual hanging and talking over coffee with a changing theme.