Learn languages!

We offer a variety of possibilities for learning Finnish and other languages. No sign up is required for the language courses and you can join them during the whole year. You can participate in the courses if you’re a member of the Multicultural Association, but you can of course check the course for a couple of weeks before joining as a member.

In addition to language courses SMY also offers various discussion groups. Find the Weekly Schedule for the groups and courses in the menu!



Finnish courses

We offer Finnish courses for different skill levels. The contents of the Grammar course is adjusted to the knowledge level of the participants. Teachers are Ljudmila Kukkonen and Elina Virronen. Some Finnish classes are organized in co-operation with the Educational Centers Visio and Sivis.

The participation fee is 22 euros per semester.

The Living Language Chain

The Living Language Chain is new method for learning Finnish developed by the Multicultural Association of Satakunta. When participating in the Living Language Chain, immigrants are learning the Finnish spoken language and dialects by having conversations with Finnish volunteers. The Living Language Chain supplements the Finnish skills immigrants have learned in Finnish courses and is suitable for immigrants with basic Finnish skills and upwards.

The Living Language Chain Process:
– 4 months at a time in spring and fall
– groups of three come together to converse once a week
– after about 8 weeks the groups are shuffled, and everyone receives a new group

As an immigrant, you will
– become more confident using the Finnish language
– learn the Finnish spoken language, dialects and different ways to speak
– get more familiar with Finland and the Finns

As a Finn, you will
– learn new things about different cultures
– get a meaningful and relevant hobby
– help immigrants to get familiar with Finland

Sign up for the Living Language Chain (only in Finnish)

Contact us:
Päivi Kivimäki
040 750 5840

Elävän kieliketjun rekisteriseloste



We also offer language courses for other foreign languages. There are also some groups for children in Russian – check the club calendar!

The participation fee is 20 euros per semester.

Conversation Clubs

SMY (Otavankatu 5B, 28100 Pori) also arranges weekly Conversation Clubs in various languages. Each group meets once a week and is lead by an instructor who speaks usually both Finnish and the corresponding language. Currently there are such Conversation clubs in Finnish, English, Spanish, German and Portuguese. Schedules for the Clubs are included in the Weekly Schedule that you can find in the menu.

Conversation Clubs are free for members of SMY.

We’re also looking for volunteers to hold new clubs! If you’re interested, contact our Office (toimisto@monikulttuuriyhdistys.fi).