Living Language Chain

Welcome to talk Finnish!
Living Language Chain is a new way to learn Finnish and it has been developed in the Multicultural Association in Satakunta. Participating in Living Language Chain immigrants can learn every day spoken Finnish language and dialects by conversing with Finnish volunteers. In this way Living Language Chain completes knowledge of Finnish which immigrants learn in Finnish courses. The Living Language Chain is meant for immigrants who can already speak basic Finnish.
You can come along when ever it suits to you. We need both immigrants and Finnish volunteers. Enroll to the Living Language Chain by taking contact to Päivi. You can also come and get to know Living Language Chain in Let’s talk together! -event which we try to arrange every month in this spring. Participating is free of charge.
Enroll to Living Language Chain!

Living Language Chain
– working in spring and in autumn about four months
– groups of two or three person have a conversation in Finnish once a week about an hour at the time
– conversation groups change every two months

– you encourage to use Finnish language
– you learn spoken Finnish, dialects and different ways of speaking Finnish
– you get to know Finland and Finnish people

– you learn new things from different cultures
– you get a meaningful and significant hobby
– you help immigrants to familiarize Finland and Finnish people


Contact boldly:
Päivi Kivimäki
040 750 5840

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