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Towards own career is a project coordinated by the Multicultural Association of Satakunta and it is also a labour policy project. Towards own career is meant for unemployed people of Satakunta and it is completely free service for customers. The goal is to promote the customers chances to get a job by improving their readiness to return to the labour market and also their vocational competence. Our services are available in Finnish, English and Russian.

At the beginning of service the current situation of the customer will be checked, so we can offer him/her the right kind of service and counseling. With this it is possible to take the strengths into a consideration and develop the weaker traits:

  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Language skills
  • Capacities
  • Other requirements or needs

Personal counseling

It is possible to a customer to do business in Finnish, English or Russian. We offer or seek out wage subsidy work, jobs, work trial and different education possibilities. We help our customers to create a clear and thorough resume. We aid in taking care of things such as recognition of foreign diplomas. We also offer information about Finnish work life, work culture and labour unions.

Digital skills and electric services
We guide our customers in making resumes and working with various digital documents such as different work documents, study degrees, employment certificates and the necessary translations.
We guide our customers in using websites considering job seeking and studying such as the following:

  • TE-service e-services
  • applying for vocational education
  • HR-companies websites
  • MyTax

Short term personal and group educations
Work interview simulation -coaching
Part 1: Vacancy notice, CV/resume, job application, the meaning/importance of a job interview, the process and question-answer -training
Part 2: The work interview simulation
The practicing focuses on to prepare for a job interview. How to make a good first impression and what to take with you to a job interview like necessary documents. We prepare you to common questions asked in job interviews and how to answer them in a good way.  All of these things are possible to put in to a test in a job interview simulation which is good for improving confidence in job interview situations through experience.
Part 3: The principles and rehearsals of a video interview with a realistic video interview set.

Information about everyday Finnish working life
Part 1: Things which consider work relationship: work contract, tax card, unemployment fund, pay slip, work certificate etc. according to customer’s needs.
Part 2: Legislation related to the working life: Collective agreement, the law of working time, equality etc.
Part 3: The language of working life, working and manner culture, work community and well being at work

Work based learning

We offer a possibility to work based learning either apprenticeship training or Valovalmennus. Combining work and studies you can accomplish degrees or part degrees among other things in cleaning, business, and upbringing and counseling sectors. The decision of work based learning is made individually for every customer as needed. Come to discuss with us!



Using and improving Finnish skills

Living language chain and Let’s talk together! -activities focuses on using Finnish language in daily conversations. Let’s talk together -event was organized five times in year 2021 and there were 92 participants.

The purpose of Living language chain is to give a chance to speak with a native Finnish person and through that to improve ones own Finnish language skills. Conversation group meets once a week for an hour and they also have a changing theme for the session. Before hand they will discuss about the date, time and theme for each session.

All of this will give courage to speak Finnish and helps to understand spoken Finnish and different dialects spoken in Finland.


  • TE Office
  • Porin seudun kuntakokeilu
  • Otavatalo
  • HR-companies
  • Länsirannkikon Koulutus Oy, WinNova
  • Sataedu, Satakunnan koulutuskuntayhtymä
  • Other labour policy projects.


Year 2022 statistics
Towards own career -project had 161 customers in year 2022 and 36 presented nationalities.
Afghanistan, Azerbajdzhan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burma, Costa Rica, Egypt, Spain, Philippines, Georgia, Ghana, Greece, India, Iraq, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Cameroon, Canada, China, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Morocco, Moldova, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, France, Romania, Sweden, Germany, Somalia, Sudan, Finland, Syria, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia.

In a year 2022 from customers of Towards own career 27 found a full time work, 5 part time work and 18 wage subsidy work.
There were 28 people in work training and from these 20 worked at the Multicultural association of Satakunta and  at Otavatalo, 8 people in other companies.



Contact information

Project Manager
Elena Kim
040 736 6639   

Project Coordinator
Päivi Kivimäki
040 750 5840

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