Children and families

SMY organizes a wide range of activities for children and families.

Participating in the activity supports the development of language skills, and can encourage creativity and inclusion. 

Activities are organized in Finnish, English and Russian. Developing native language skills helps children learn new languages and reinforces their cultural identities. 

As a rule, the activity is organized in SMY’s own premises. You can join the activities at any point of the year, and there is no pre-registration. Both Finns and children and young people who have moved to the country are welcome to participate.  

Children’s art group
Creative and cultural art program for children aged from 7 to 13. Program improves critical and creative mind set. We use coloring pens, oil pastels, chalk, acrylic paints, clay and many other materials. Materials are included in the course fee.

Piano Lessons
Teacher Nataliia Koivuniemi

Children get to know music in a fun way. Playing the piano develops logic, concentration and accuracy. Lessons are planned taking into account the children’s age and personal characteristics. After the music, we discuss the topic together with the children. The children get performance experience when they perform at joint evenings.







In order to participate in the association’s regular activities, the child’s guardian/parent must become a member of the association.

More detailed payment information can be found in the schedule. Schedule


Family cafe (free)
Guided art oriented activities for parents and children. The family cafe includes also getting to know colors and mixing them and getting to know new techniques and art forms. Fun and pleasant activities with an open mind, and always taking the age and skills of the children in to consideration. Family cafe is also great channel for parents peer support.

Coffee and Company (free)
Casual hanging and talking over coffee with a changing theme.