About us

The Multicultural Association of Satakunta (SMY) was founded on 25.3.1996.

The association operates an International Meeting Point in the center of Pori, which is opened to everyone. We offer a variety of courses, clubs and events as well as volunteering opportunities. In addition, the association serves as an expert in immigration and multicultural issues in the Pori region and carries out various projects.


  • Increasing cooperation between Finns and immigrants
  • Increasing cultural knowledge in a variety of ways
  • Familiarizing the immigrant with Finnish ways of working
  • Promoting immigrants’ learning of the Finnish language
  • Supporting employment and studies


  • Versatile club and hobby activities
  • Fun events
  • The opportunity to do meaningful volunteer work
  • Practical help for employment
  • The opportunity to practice language skills
  • The opportunity to meet people
  • The opportunity to get to know different cultures

The association has 550 members, representing 80 different nationalities. 75% of the members are immigrants.