Puppet theatry and Happy Notes

Our office was all packed again last Friday! This time we had a puppet theater show and a song performance meant especially for the youngest of the family – and of course some ice cream and popcorn. The puppet theatry was perfomred by the talents of ’Magical World’ children’s puppet theater and the bright group ’Happy Notes’ gave their best with the help of Natalia Katseblina.

Do you know the story of Masha-girl and the Bear? Masha is an energetic and bright girl, the Bear is relaxed and quiet – what a pair of friends they make! Masha and the Bear is a Russian cartoon animation where the two friends have different kind of adventures in the Bear’s cottage or at the forest. The Bear is a retired circus bear and his careers medals and trophies are displayed on the walls, but they tend to get out of place while Masha is playing around. The Bear does get annoyed from the chaos but knows that life without Masha would be boring.

The cartoon features other forest critters like a rabbit, hedgehog, a wolf couple, squirrel and female bear as well as Bear’s old friends from the circus, Tiger and Panda.


Did the carols sang by the ’Happy Notes’ group stick to your head? At least one visitor got excited to practice some music.

The organizers of the evening – thank you for the nice evening!


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Text: Anna Murashev

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