Towards work life – project 2016 – 2018

The purpose of the Towards work life –project is to help unemployed and long-term unemployed immigrants who permanently live in Satakunta. The objective is to prevent prolonging of unemployment and to promote the employment of immigrants by pervasive consultancy, employment actions and education of Finnish language.

“…nice to get the kind of help before first job…”

“… by way of wide network she can likely help…” With the help of the project people had had the kind of personal and concrete help what they hadn’t had anywhere else.

“… used a lot of time and explained things one at the time…”, “… And it helped me a lot.”

People were thinking the project very important help to the immigrants and they wanted to recommend to the other immigrants to take part to the project. “…I recommend to all to go to the Multiculture Association”

The sentences overhead are citations from Teea Köykkäri’s thesis, here is a link to the thesis. She interwieved the clients of Toward Work Life –project about their opinions and their experiences of Multicultural Association of Satakunta’ s Towards Work Life -project and its effectiveness, and also their thoughts about employment challenges of the immigrants in Pori area.

According to the gotten feedback the project has done very productive work in favor of its clients. The good feedback has been also given for the project’s information presentations in Pori.

The results of the project in two first years (2016 – 2017):

full-time job 26 person

part-time job 15 person

hour work 52 person

work try out 45 person

trial 23 person

rehabilitative work 73 person.

The project offers and searches work and work trial, employs with supported salary, and gives induction and counseling during the whole work or service time.

The project offers all-embracing advisory service and guidance to its clients’ employment regarding their needs and situation:

  • helps writing the work documents (CV, work applications)
  • informs Finnish work life, working culture and trade unions
  • supports to prepare for the job interview by using the job interview simulator
  • helps to assimilate diplomas
  • assists on running errands (official forms, e-services) and guides to various services
  • provides assistance for getting competence and occupational card (f. ex. hot work card, work safety card and hygiene passport)

The project supports and encourages its clients to study Finnish independently with various Finnish language courses and through Elävä kieliketju – practice.


Elena Kim                                                                       Päivi Sihvonen

Responsible project coordinator                               Project coordinator

p. 040 736 6639                                                            p. 040 750 5840               

skype:                                                   skype: paivi.monikulttuuri


The leaflet of Towards work life -project