Crisis helpline in Ara­bic and English

The Crisis Helpline offers help in Arabic and English via telephone on 09 2525 0113 and on WhatsApp on 040 195 8202. You can call us anonymously and confidentially.

Opening hours
Mondays and Tuesdays 11 am-3 pm
Wednesdays 1 pm-4 pm and 5 pm-9 pm
Thursdays 10 am-3 pm
Fridays 9 am – 1 pm on 09 2525 0112

The Crisis Helpline can help you if

  • your life has just changed and you are suffering
  • you have gone through a traumatic event
  • you feel you are unable to cope with your fear, anxiety or grief on your own
  • you are having self-destructive thoughts, or
  • you are worried about a loved one.

If you need the help of the authorities, for example if you are in a life-threatening situation, please call the emergency number 112, go to the nearest emergency room or contact the social or crisis emergency services of your hometown.

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