OWN CAREER project 2019-2020

OMAURA is a project coordinated by the Multicultural Association of Satakunta. and it is also a labour policy project. OMAURA is meant for unemployed people of Satakunta and it is completely free service for customers.

OMAURA-projects goal is to prevent prolonged unemployment and to promote the chances of employment for these customers. Our services are available in Finnish, English and Russian.



At the beginning of service the current situation will be checked, that it would be possible to offer the customer the right kind of service and counseling. With this it is possible to take the strenghts into a consideration and develop the weaker traits.

  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Language skills
  • Capacities
  • Other requirements





Services of OMAURA

OMAURA offers diverse group of different services that can improve the state of the employment of the customer.

Personal counseling

As a customer it is possible to do business in Finnish, English or Russian. We offer or seek out wage subsidy work, jobs, work trial and different education possibilities. We help our customers to create a clear and thorough resume. We aid in taking care of things such as official forms and combining studies and work. We also offer information about Finnish work life, work culture and labour unions.

In work trial it is possible to use Kykyviisari-form as a guidance tool. Kykyviisari evaluates approximately the respondents working abilities, participation and well being. This method also makes it possible to observe changes when the questionnaire is filled out again. Kykyviisari is available in Finnish, Swedish, Easy Finnish, English, Somali, Kurdish Sorani, Arabic and Dutch. For more information:  https://sivusto.kykyviisari.fi/


Digital skills in job seeking

We guide our customers in making a Video resume and working with various digital documents such as different work documents, study degrees and the necessary translations.

Guidance in electric services

We guide our customers in using websites considering job seeking and studying such as the following::

  • TE-services
  • Kela electric services
  • HR-companies websites
  • OmaVero
  • applying for education


Job interview workshop

Job interview workshop focuses on preparing for a job interview. How to make a good first impression and what to take with you such as necessary documents. Preparing for common question asked in job interviews and how to answer them in a good way. All of these things are possible to put in to a test in a job interview simulation which is good for improving confidence in job interview situations through experience.





Learning by doing

We offer a chance to learn by doing with apprenticeship and Valo-training.

It is possible to study cleaning, community councelor and office work through apprenticeship.

Through Valo-training it’s possible to study parts of cleaning and business degrees. Valo-training is a operation model where it is possibly to train towards future vocational studies.



Using and improving Finnish skills

We organize various Finnish courses such as TEHOSUOMI-group activities. Education is focused on understanding and speaking, so the skill level on Finnish should be at least A1. Education is meant for those unemployed immigrants whose language skills need more improvement to be able to find a job or to study in a vocational school. Group size is 16.

Living language chain and Let’s talk together-activities focuses on using Finnish language in daily conversations.. Let’s talk together-event was organized five times in year 2019 and there were 88 participants.

The purpose of Living language chain is to give a chance to speak with a Finnish person and through that to improve ones own Finnish language skills. Conversation group meets once a week for an hour and they also have a changing theme for the session. Before hand they will discuss about the date, time and theme for each session.

All of this will give courage to speak Finnish and helps to understand spoken Finnish.




  • TE-office
  • Otava-talo
    • Community center
    • Yhteinen keittiö-project
    • ME-talo
    • Lunch Cafe Otavan Olkkari
  • HR-companies
  • Other labour policy projects.



Year 2019 statistics

OMAURA-project had 151 customers in year 2019 and 36 presented nationalities.

Afghanistan, Azerbaidžan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burma, Costa Rica, Egypt, Spain, Philippines, Ghana, Georgia, India, Iraq, Iran, Japan, Italia, China, Croatia, Latvia, Morocco, Moldova, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, France, Romania, Germany, Somalia, Sudan, Finland, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia




From customers of OMAURA in year 2019 15 found a full time work, 10 part time work, 18 hour based or on call work and 24 wage subsidy work.

There were 43 people in work training and from these 24 worked at the Multicultural association of Satakunta, 17 at Otava-talo and 7 in other companies.












Contact information

Responsible project coordinator                              Project coordinator
Elena Kim                                                                     Päivi Kivimäki
040 736 6639                                                               040 750 5840
elena.kim@monikulttuuriyhdistys.fi                      paivi.kivimaki@monikulttuuriyhdistys.fi





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